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Sudanese military demand to reverse Court’s ruling on Internet ban lift

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KHARTOUM: The Sudanese Justice Ministry filed an appeal to a court in Khartoum against the recent ruling to end the nationwide Internet ban declared by Sudan’s ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC) several weeks ago as the country shook to a new escalation of political protests, a source in the ministry said on Monday.

On June 10, the TMC ordered Internet blackout across the country as a security measure after a violent crackdown at a sit-in protest camp in Khartoum triggered an extensive popular backlash earlier that week. On June 23, the Sudanese court ordered one of the local carriers to restore Internet services.

“A representative of the [Sudanese] Justice Ministry has submitted an appeal to the Khartoum North court demanding annulment of the ruling to restore Internet services,” the source said.

Long-standing popular protests in Sudan culminated in a military coup on April 11, when then-President Omar Bashir was overthrown and detained after almost 30 years in power. The TMC took over and pledged to organize a new presidential election within two years. The protesters have meanwhile remained in the streets demanding that the military yield power to a civilian authority.

On June 3, the army opened fire at a camp of sit-in protesters near the military headquarters in Khartoum. According to different estimates, up to 60 people could have been killed, including at least 19 children, and hundreds more were wounded.

Last week, following rounds of international mediation efforts, the TMC and the opposition had reportedly reached an agreement to set up a joint sovereignty council to govern the country during a transition period of three years. Military and civilian officials will take turns leading the council. The sides have also agreed to subsequently form a civilian government composed of technocrats.

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