Monday, 24 January 2022

Sonam Kapoor: ‘Always keep personal life separate from professional’

BOLLYWOOD: She is a fashionista and each time she appears for an event or party, she takes her fashion quotient a notch higher. Almost all her outfits become the talk of the tinsel town. However, Sonam reveals that like any other normal human being even she repeats her clothes.

Sonam Kapoor says, “I repeat my clothes a lot and lot of clothes that I wear for promotions and all are borrowed. Certain things I have bought, sometimes I don’t but I do repeat my clothes a lot.”

“My sister is my stylist so I am sorted. I do all of these because I do it for myself, I like clothes and I enjoy that,” she adds.

Ageing is a scary factors in actors’ lives. However, Sonam believes it is the most beautiful thing to happen.

“As actors, we should embrace ageing. We use our face to express things so every line in your face is something that you have earned. Whether it is through tension or laugh lines, I have earned every day of my life,” she says and adds, “Ageing is one of the most beautiful things because you have gone through a journey and you have a story to tell. Youth is beautiful but you can only see true beauty after you are not young anymore because then the real you comes out. That encourages you and I have nothing against colouring your hair or wearing makeup, just do it gracefully. I am not afraid of ageing. I don’t think men ever have that fear then why should women,” questions the 33-year-old actress.

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