Friday, 24 September 2021

So I Learnt From My Husband To Be A Good Wife

Husband Wife good

So girls mostly think that marriage is a cup cake and life would be easy once you’re married, but what is the basic and important element that makes the two a little uneasy? That’s patience my friends. So what do we trade in this relationship? Is it only love? Or trust for that matter? it counts the level of patience of how much we can endorse the bad habits keeping in mind you really love this person. So I have hunt down these 10 mantras to tune out for a better wife and that is what lacks the more.

  1. Your husband cannot read your mind: So this is decided that men cannot decode the thoughts running in your mind all day long so as long you don’t tell them what’s the beef they will never be able to reach out your approach.
  1. His strategies are love phrases: Men can just listen to you but their approach is something different that can relate your issues, so when he tells you and goes extreme about it, it’s the expression of love actually.
  1. He doesn’t want a good girlfriend: When your relationship grows from one level to another that’s the peak where you need to summit, cause girlfriends can talk for hours and hours, however with the improved relationship where you have stack of responsibilities the conversation can just be short and crisp but not habitually, as a healthy conversation leads to a happy marriage.
  1. Know his silence and thinking process: When my husband is quiet and is not passing his comments about a matter I just shared so basically he is in a thinking process where he needs time to think on the issue and eventually come up with the best of the best. So just give him sometime rather rushing over a speedy decision you want from him, in that way I learnt how to stay quiet and wait for him instead.
  1. His idea of a quality time: So his ideas basically changes with the mood he is indulging with , sometimes he wants me to sit by and watch sports with him and sometimes he wants to drive taking a ling route. So whatever excites him, be his cherisher rather take your lead and start arguing or giving away your plans.
  1. He inclined to be more classified: And men thinks in a scientific boxed manners rather a pool of mess to dive in, If you have had an argument on some issue which remained unresolved than try to call him when he is off for work just to keep a check if the belated talk is disrupting his day, maybe the conversation lasts for 5 minutes like a squared box but your act will not complex it anymore.
  1. He might not respond to your babble: So it’s a spoiler alert! When you talk it out about your day, he might not be too responsive instead giving away with ‘yeahs’ and ‘ohhs’, so chill! At least he is responding with little expressions.
  1. His ways to express the emotions are pretty different: He cries, and has emotions too, don’t think as if he is a robot but communicate differently. My husband was watching this series ‘House of Cards’ and one of the scene captivated him so he held my hand because he was glad that I was with him that very moment. So he did not say a single word but I comprehended his emotions.
  1. Show him you respect : Say thanks to him or appreciate whatever he does , cause these magic words can actually make a difference and will trigger his soft side to return you with love. A daily appreciation and gratitude can make your bond much stronger.
  1. Types of intimacy: No matter if you sustain your healthy relationship with your husband in any form, be it physical or emotional, internally or externally as a spiritual behavior with your spouse, it is important you are actually confining your thoughts with him. Trust me, honoring his soul and reputation can make your life easy and happy.

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