Sunday, 17 October 2021

Singapore: Indian-origin man stabs pregnant wife, jailed

SINGAPORE: In a shocking incident, an Indian-origin man was convicted of stabbing his pregnant wife in the abdomen and assaulting her in Singapore. A court sentenced him to seven years in jail as well as six strokes of the cane for his crime. As per reports, the accused, identified as Jayselan N Chandrasegar, lost his temper after he spotted his pregnant wife – who used to be a sex worker – talking to a man at a market.

Assuming that the man was a pimp, the accused flew into a rage and assaulted his wife, Mayuri Krishnakumar. He stabbed her abdomen twice with a 10-cm blade and also slashed her back and the fled from the spot. The court was informed on Tuesday that the unborn baby was unharmed in the attack.

On Tuesday, 30-year-old Jayselan pleaded guilty to one count of causing grievous hurt to his 27-year-old wife with a weapon and also to another unrelated crime of failing to provide his urine sample after he was apprehended for suspected drug-related offences in a previous incident. The couple, who got married in 2013, was going through marital problems owing to financial issues and their older child, who was three-years-old at that time, the prosecutor told.

The court was informed by Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Houston Johannus that when Mayuri told Jayselan that she was pregnant, he accused her of infidelity. After their quarrels escalated, Mayuri left his house and went to live with her friends, most of whom were also sex workers, and lived in “red light” area.

On December 30, at 11 am Mayuri had gone to the market to buy breakfast when she came across an old friend and started talking to him. However, Jayselan, who was in the area, saw the two talking and assumed that his wife had become a sex worker again. Enraged, he confronted the duo and then attacked his wife, the prosecutor told.

Jayselan was arrested later that day after a passerby informed the police. Meanwhile, Mayuri was rushed to a local hospital from where she was discharged a few days later.

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