Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Simple Habits That Can Restore Your Health

Few simple habits can restore your health to factory setting. No joke here, our health deteriorates due to bad lifestyle choices. We develop high blood pressure, diabetes and insomnia. Result is loss of energy. Some of us feel lethargic right after waking up.

However one can change this right with the regular practice of five simple habits. The habits are described below.

Do not take medicine without doctor’s permission. This is a common practice among adults, but this does not make it right. Always go to a doctor and do what he/she recommends. Wrong medicine intake can turn out to be fatal.

Eating while watching television is one of the main reasons we snack in between meals. We do not need to eat chips or chocolate; it does not provide any nourishment to our health. TV also shows ads of pizza, which makes us want to eat them.

Eating dinner minutes before going to sleep. An adult must eat dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed. Also dinner should be light. Late night heavy dinner cause stomach ache.

One must sleep for six to eight hours every night. Do not believe celebs who endorse “I will sleep when I did” mantra. Human body needs sleep in order to function well.

Do not consume white sugar. All our diseases start with excess blood sugar.

Made these simple changes and notice a difference within seven days.

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