Saturday, 16 October 2021

Shoaib, Sania ‘didn’t marry to unite the two nations’

LONDON: When Indian tennis star Sania Mirza married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Mallik, both nations spoke about the wedding relentlessly. The star couple is looking forward to embracing parenthood in a couple of months’ time.

In an interview, Sania busted the misconceptions doing the rounds about the pair. The first of the misconceptions would be that Sania and Shoaib got married to unite the two nations.

The tennis star denied this false impression and replied, “A lot of people have this notion that Shoaib and I got married to unite the two countries. That is not true.”

Sania also explained how loving her in-laws were and how respectful the Pakistani nation has been towards her. She said that she visited her in-laws once a year and got immense love from them. Sania added that the entire nation respected and loved her and addressed her as ‘bhabhi.’

“I also know that that love is not necessarily for me, it is for my husband as well, as he has been captain of the cricket team and that always means a lot to Pakistan. Just like when Shoaib comes to India, and he gets the love and respect of our countrymen,” Sania said.

Naturally, their kid is being talked about and given tags already, but that doesn’t affect Sania or Shoaib. “We are aware of the responsibilities we carry, but we do not take these tags seriously. They may make for a good headline, but don’t mean anything to us at home!” she said.

Sania, during the interview, gave an unexpected answer when she was asked to pick a sport for her child. She neither chose Tennis nor cricket. She said she would want her child to become a doctor.

And when she was asked if she wanted a boy or a girl, Sania replied saying it doesn’t really matter. However, she mentioned that her husband has always wanted to have a girl child.

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