Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Seven strange laws around the world

WEB DESK: Rules and laws are made to follow religiously and they are also made to restrict people from committing severe crimes. People are taught not to violate any rule since childhood which portrays its significance. Here seven strangest laws are presented.


Traffic fine in Finland is the strangest thing as it is made according to the salary of a person. The director of Finnish telecommunications giant, Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, back in 2002 was fined around $12.5 million which is the most heavy speeding fine up till now.


The law of Canada restricts purchasing any product in exchange of unreasonable coins especially if the product is over $10.


Back in 19th century, Missiouri banned the sale of yellow margarine. The law was passed to protect dairy industry which was the major business of the state, said Agriculture Department spokeswoman Misti Preston.



According to the author of Strange Laws of Old England, “Parliament is a royal place”. Hence you are not allowed to die in Parliament because it would be considered as state funeral then. So, it the person seems a bit of sick, he or she remove quickly.



Washington has the strange law which actually upheld by court system that a person is not allowed to appear sick in public places.



Denmark urged Drivers to drive with head lights on in day time. And if rule is not followed, people can be fined up to $100.


Akron Ohio

According to the Akron Ohio Act 925.62, dying chicks and duckling is not allowed. Any firm or corporation for any reason never allows to dye ducklings and chicks.



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