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Secret Superstar review: Dare to Dream

Secret Superstar 2

  • Critics Rating: 3.5 / 5
  • Release Date: 19-10-2017
  • Director: Advait Chandan
  • Genre: Drama

BOLLYWOOD: Roughly around this time of the year in 2016, Aamir Khan came out with a wholesome cinematic treat in the form of Dangal. Just as when audience thought that Mr. Perfectionist couldn’t get better with his films, he surprisingly proved us wrong. Aamir Khan went up several notches higher in Secret Superstar. The actor’s mental and physical transformation in the movies has always bowled us over, but in Secret Superstar, Dangal’s Mahavir Phogat has transcended to a different level, a higher perhaps. But wait, this film is not about Aamir Khan, it’s not even closely about him. And that’s one of the most amazing elements of the film.

Secret Superstar Plot

A young girl, Insiya, is brought up in a conservative Muslim household of Gujarat. Not that she’s unaware of her household condition, but she has always dreamt about becoming a successful singer, just like Monali Thakur (The singer has played a cameo in the film.). Her dreams are backed by her mother, who herself being uneducated discerns the value of her dreams. Insiya’s father on the other hand is a quintessential orthodox man who values his son more than his daughter. He detests the idea of her daughter becoming a superstar. Will she ever be able to turn her dreams into reality or will her dreams die a slow death just like every oppressed woman’s do?

Secret Superstar Review

Secret Superstar is faintly inspired by 2015 Indie-American film Rock The Kasbah. In the film a nearly-washed off music composer life changes when he comes across a young singer Salima Khan, who aspires to win a singing reality show. The backdrop is almost similar in which Aamir Khan, a washed-up music composer tries to gain momentum in his music career by launching young Insiya in the industry.

Secret Superstar 3

Despite being inspired by an already-made film, Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar is far different from one has imagined. It’s not one among the run-of-the-mill affairs. It has been smartly improvised, saving it the fate every Hindi remake typically meets. The film has been narrated in a simplistic yet heartfelt manner. While watching the film, the scenes and background are as ordinary as a commoner’s can be, which adds to its details.

Every Indian household nests an individual with myriad of dreams in their eyes. But Insiya’s story has been recited in a sublime manner that right from the beginning of the film, audience started seeing the world with her eyes. Just like any other girl who has seen a lot of domestic violence in her family, tries to revolt and find a way out for her and her mother. Just like anyone would, she couldn’t comprehend why her mother don’t dissolve a marriage which only brought her pains. This reflects a scenario, which unfortunately lurks in every other Indian household.

Secret Superstar 1

Another noteworthy detail of Secret Superstar is depiction of the emotional bond shared between Insiya and her mother, Najma. Despite the hardships and murk, they find solace in each other’s happiness. This isn’t something alien, mother were always like this. But portrayal of this relationship in such sober format is not an everyday affair in Bollywood.

Director Advait Chandan’s writing is brilliant. The script it taut and focussed

Director Advait Chandan’s script has all the element that a film requires to captivate the audience. If you’re wondering where romance is in the film, let me lead you to Insiya and Chintan’s puppy love. After watching the film, one has to admit it, that ChinSiya (combo name for Insiya and Chinta, exclusively created by a movie buff who’s none other than me) is a better love story than most of Bollywood’s romantic dramas. The innocent bond shared between the duo and how the lad ends up being the wind beneath her wing is exceptional, and takes us back to our own school days.

Secret Superstar 4

All the actors, right from the leads to supporting roles amazing. Expressing a gamut of emotions, Zaira Wasim excels her young Geeta Phogat character from Dangal. She’s brilliant when she sulks into hopelessness or when she reprimands her mother for being passive. Aamir Khan, though appears a lesser than Zaira in the film, is laudable, no matter how small his role was. The fact that a superstar of his stature  has taken a backseat in his house production film is commendable!

Meher Vij as Najma has entered the skin of a troubled housewife flawlessly.

So basically, the film is well-balanced and perfectly mounted. It has all the element that a total entertainer requires, muddles of life, dreams, love and sacrifice. Eveyrthing is added in the right proportion, just what we expected from an Aamir Khan film. If you’re planning to watch Secret Superstar, tug your mother along with you. In plain words, Advait Chandan and Aamir Khan has paid the most beautiful tribute to the mothers who have sacrifices their comforts for their children.

Overall, “Secret Superstar” has an old film charm that is simply remarkable.

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