Sunday, 28 November 2021

Scientists make new material that acts as air conditioner

COLORADO: Scientists have managed to create a new thin material that acts like an air conditioner without any costs. Engineers from the University of Colorado have built what can only be called a metamaterial. It possesses virtually magical qualities that are not normally found in any other object in Mother Nature. The fabric-like material acts like an air conditioner for a number of structures. This material can even cool objects underneath the hot rays of the sun. The really amazing thing is that it does not consume any water or energy to do its job. It just has to be applied to the surface. Then it starts cooling the object underneath it. This it does by deflecting solar energy that is coming its way. Also the heat of the object is dissipated in the form of infrared thermal radiation.

The novel material got described in detail in a science journal recently. This material could provide cooling for thermoelectric power plants. Normally, these power plants need huge amounts of energy and water to do the job. Yet now thanks to this material, the energy and water supply costs surrounding power plants could be reduced drastically.  The material is made of a glass polymer. It is 50 micrometers in girth. This means that it is only a few degrees thicker than the aluminum foil found in the kitchen. Rolls of this material can be made thereby making it marketable for use in both domestic and office not to mention industrial settings. This material will be a game changer for sure. It basically works on the principle of passive radiative cooling. Daytime cooling had been a stumbling block for scientists. Yet with this metamaterial of sorts, it could be dealt with in a spot-on manner.  The real hurdle before the scientists was creating a material that could deliver two-in-one qualities. This material does just that. By merely applying 10 to 20 square meters of the material to the outer surface and roof of a house, the residence could be made cooler by a considerable degree. The invention of this material was the result of a $3 million grant. The fact that it is self-sufficient and does not need any external aids speaks volumes about its efficacy.

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