Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Scientists discover way to measure blood pressure via selfie videos


LONDON: Soon enough, you will be able to measure your blood pressure simply by taking a selfie video instead of going to a doctor, as per a newly developed imaging technology.

Researchers at the University of Toronto have found that a selfie video might be everything you need to do to measure your blood pressure by developing a new technology dubbed as ‘transdermal optical imagine’ (TOI).

The technology works by taking into account the fact our facial skin is translucent, as per Engadget. Smartphones are equipped with optical sensors that can capture light reflected from hemoglobin beneath our skin. This lets TOI to visualize and also measure the changes in our blood flow.

To test the technology, the team used TOI to analyze two-minute selfie videos of 1,328 adults captured with an iPhone. In comparison to the traditional ways of measuring blood pressure, the team was able to measure three types of blood pressure with some 95% accuracy. Also, TOI is able to analyze face in pre-recorded videos too.

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