Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Saudi man marries four women at once, stirs debate on social media

Saudi women

RIYADH: A Saudi national has allegedly tied the knot with four Moroccan women on the same day, stirring a heated debate among social media users, who shared their thoughts on polygamy over the weekend.

In their response to the news, which was yet to be verified by the Arab media, most people on Twitter expressed their anger over the story, labeling the man’s action derogatory towards women and terming it unacceptable.

However, few others tried to back his actions on religious grounds.
Meanwhile, some social media users were completely taken by surprise and refused to even accept it as a real news story, while others believe that it was true and represented marriages that do take place in the Saudi society.

There is a questionable perception in countries across the Arab world that Islam unconditionally allows men to be married to more than one woman at a time. However, many seem to simply ignore or forget that taking more than one wife is permissible only under a given frame of conditions.

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