Sunday, 24 October 2021

Sarah Silverman: Failure is an opportunity

HOLLYWOOD-TL: Sarah Silverman sees failure as ‘an opportunity’.

The 48-year-old comedy star – who voices the part of a glitchy racer in the new computer-animated movie ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ – has revealed she’s always been keen to take the positive from any situation, even if it’s considered to be a failure.

She said: ‘’Every failure is an opportunity – you’re either gonna sink or rise to the occasion.’’

The American star admitted that her upbeat outlook is helped by the fact she’s never taken a long-term approach to her life or her career.

In fact, Sarah thinks it’s important to take risks and to embrace the possibility of failing.

She told ShortList magazine: ‘’I did go through a little bit of not knowing how I was gonna make money.

‘’I’m lucky in that I don’t really think about the future much. I never have. I never think: ‘Where will I be in five years?’ I always just keep my head down, do stand-up, and things just happen.’’

Sarah revealed she’s taken inspiration from the acclaimed screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, admitting that his outlook has been a ‘’life-changer’’.

Sarah – who is one of the world’s best-known stand-up comedians – said: ‘’One of my favourite quotes is from Charlie Kaufman, who said something like: ‘Do not fear failure; failure is a badge of honour. It means you risked failure.’ And that’s a life-changer if you take it in.’’

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