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Saloni Chopra accuses Zain Khan of violent physical abuse

BOLLYWOOD is place of toxic relationships and some really dark chapters in people’s lives living in the spotlight. Model and actor Saloni Chopra recently talked about a shocking incident in her life that took place almost 4 years to come out in open.

Saloni Chopra’s blog on Instagram garnered lot of attention in the social media space. In the blog Chopra didn’t really name anyone but it has references of a toxic relationship, terrible physical assault episodes, slut shaming, and an abusive partner.

According to a report in Desimartini, Saloni Chopra was in a relationship with Zain Khan Durrani who made his acting debut in Bollywood with acclaimed director Onir’s indie film ‘Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz’. Durrani who otherwise pretends a calm personality has a completely different side to him and it was during the course of their relationship that violent streak in him showed.

#Part2 I am not scared to tell you that depression is real. I’ve lived it day in and day out. I have worked on making myself healthier, and yet there are always going to be some bad days. You will occassionally find something that triggers you and your world will come crashing down. It’s okay. It doesn’t make you crazy or unloveable. It just means you feel more than other people do. Just remember that there’s a dark scary place in there where your depression meets your desire to give up which eventually feels like the most comfortable place in the world, and that comfort zone — it destroys every little piece of you. Step out of it. If handled with care, the sensitivity with which you feel can become your strength and not your weakness. . . . . . . . I am not scared to tell you that when I was 19, I considered converting to Islam for a boy I loved — not out of love, nor out of a belief in God, but purely because I wanted to feel loved and was being rejected for who I am. But when his mother told him ‘why don’t you convert her and then dump her so that there are more muslims in this world’ I realised… that I didn’t want this person in my life. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I am not scared to tell you that I don’t believe in religion — to me, there are people that do good deeds and bad deeds. And everyone is capable of either. I judge people by their acts and not from the religion in which they come from. I am not scared to say that though I stay away from religion and politics, I also think that just like marriage, sex, alcohol consumption and driving — religion too should come with an age limit. Half of my world wants to kill the other half because of their belief in their God and if we could teach kids humanity before teaching them to divide, wouldn’t that be something? . . . . . . . Link in bio #scarednomore #women #girls #bethechange #humanity #depression #love #wordporn #foodforthought #girls #educate #awareness #speakup #mystory #religion #feminism #mentalhealth @amitagarwalphotography

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#Part4 Raised in a society where where culture & tradition are excuses to steal her rights — to slut shame her for having breasts, having her own desires. I met girls every day that had been slapped or bruised by their boyfriends/husbands & they called it ‘love’. Slapped for having put up a photo. Bruised for talking to another man. For asking him questions. ‘He didn’t mean it’ she’d say. ‘he has an anger problem’… ‘I shouldn’t have yelled at him like that’… ‘he only wants what’s best for me’… ‘at least he lets me work’… ‘he loves me too much’. It killed me. These stories. Women every day, everywhere I went, had been in an abusive relationship and they didn’t seem to see what was wrong with it. The saddest was when I’d meet a girl who was still in one… because she thought she could fix him. ‘It’s nothing! I can handle it. He — needs me.’ It broke my heart. I had to do something… I needed to remind these beautiful, wonderful, independent, talented women capable of absorbing the ocean that this — wasn’t love. Waking up with a bruise because he was drunk is not love. Being slapped for flirting or drinking with your friends is not love. Being abused for wearing a skirt, is not love. I am not scared to tell you that thanks to this guy, I found my calling. I found what it is that I cared about the most and I’ve never looked back since. . . . . . . I am not scared to tell you that it will be just as hard as this to speak up for yourself, if not harder. . . . . . . #bethechange #scarednomore #speakup #awareness #emotionalabuse #physicalabuse #females #writersofig #writersofinstagram #girls #feminism #education #india #femalebody #slutshaming #womenempowerment

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Good morning. I hope you learn to spend some time understanding and loving your body every now and then… I hope you learn to love someone, that loves you back in all the ways you deserve to be loved. All the years we spend growing up and learning from our mistakes, we forget to demand for a relationship that’s good enough. ‘We accept the love we think we deserve’ – I’m constantly overwhelmed by how lucky I feel around this man, and every moment we get to spend talking, stretching, arguing, laughing together . . . . . . . This ones from the very first time he helped me stretch, and because he’s @rahulb90 and he’s ridiculously cute and inquisitive, he joined me and tried some stretching and yoga with me. It was never ‘yeah you go do your yoga’… instead it’s ‘if you love it so much, I want to learn what’s so good about it too so we can grow together’ – find that love for yourself… regardless of what you do in your life, don’t settle in for love any lesser than that. I hadn’t been doing yoga for almost a month and my body felt so stiff and miserable… but my heart, my heart felt like it would implode with happiness @sunaquavilureef . . . . . Suzie’s Song by @mimigilbert_ – one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard, even live. You can download her music on iTunes. #maldives #traveldiaries #yoga #stretching #yogaeverydamnday #knowyourbody #selflove #loveyourself #ocean #water #waterchild #bluewater #love #favouriteperson

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