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Saif Ali Khan on his recent films failing at box office

Saif Ali Khan

BOLLYWOOD: After a spate of films that didn’t manage to strike a chord at the box office, Saif Ali Khan has been in an introspective mood. But having said that, the actor takes responsibility for the films’ failures and looks at the bright side of his choices.

While admitting that his films not working is a matter of concern, he is still happy with the kind of movies he has done. “It’s worrisome because these were the films that I had thought I had done really well in. There is always a fear and I sometimes feel nobody wants to see my films anymore,” says a very candid Saif. “But I don’t know if it’s true and I don’t think that it’s just me that people don’t want to see. It’s dangerous to be egoistic, even if you’re victimising yourself,” adds the Chef (2017) actor.


Saif says that it’s the audience’s taste that dictates box-office success. “I feel like it’s to do with the kind of films I’ve been a part of. I don’t think I’m very [much of a] front-bencher by nature; I’m always attracted to slightly niche, darker films. But I want to strike a better balance. There are a few interesting things going on and there seems to be a lot of work, but I’d be lying if I said it isn’t worrying. I’m not unrealistic. But when there are 300 people on the sets counting on me, I can’t afford to have these poetic worries. I just need to wake up, go to the gym and do the best scene I have ever done every single day. There’s no wallowing in self-doubt and Hamlet-like questioning. It’s not that big a tragedy yet (laughs)”. HT

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