Saturday, 25 June 2022

Sadiq Khan wants to change the colour of London buses


LONDON Mayor Sadiq Khan, has unveiled a plan to overhaul London’s buses, by colour coding the routes similar to the city’s tube system. Routes, buses, stops and signs will be marked by specific colours and the main destinations and interchanges will also be listed on the side of the bus, making it clearer for passengers – City AM reports. The number of bus passengers has been declining, due to congestion and roadworks impacting journey time. Khan said: “By bringing these new distinctive route colours to areas of the network, we’re making it as easy to navigate areas of London by bus as it is by Tube.

“It’s another key part in our efforts to encourage Londoners to take to the bus and help us LONDON-BUStackle congestion, air pollution and make our city better for everyone.” A trial in Barking, East London, will see 60 buses marked in their distinctive colours, indicating seven routes.  Another trial is scheduled to take part this summer in Hayes, West London. The mayor of London and TfL have been collaborating to bring the numbers back up again, enticing passengers with including the introduction of the Hopper fare in September last year, to make a second bus journey within an hour free. Next year, the discounted fare will be available on unlimited bus and tram journeys. Pollution is also at the forefront of the changes, with new low emission bus zones being introduced to eventually phase out diesel buses.

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