Thursday, 28 October 2021

Rohit Sharma need calmness, not desperation

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LONDON: In an interview, Indian batsman Rohit Sharma says It’s the ultimate dream. Any kid growing up begins to nurture dreams in whatever sphere of life he or she aspires for. As a cricketer, growing up, the idea of playing in a World Cup, to be part of that team, to win it – that’s the fairytale every youngster grows up dreaming about. Mine was just that kind of dream too.

here’s a balance one has to draw between the kind of desperation that exists within you and the calmness you seek, if you’ve got to keep playing this game at the highest level. Calmness is what I need. Not desperation.

At this point in time, calmness is what I need. Not desperation. Because I’ve played my share of cricket to realise this is what works for me. Every time I have shown signs of desperation, I’ve moved away from my plans. It has happened with me many times. Not being in the right frame of mind, not being in the right kind of form – and desperation has crept in. Different things work for different people.

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