Sunday, 29 May 2022

Robots could replace up to 30 per cent of UK jobs by 2030

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LONDON: As many as a third of all jobs in the UK are at risk of being lost to machines within the next 15 years, fresh research reveals. ROBOTSHowever, it’s likely that technologies related to artificial intelligence will create new jobs, according to the research, and automation will boost productivity and wealth overall, offsetting the rise of robots.The risk of job automation in the UK was found to be lower than both Germany and the US, where 35 and 38 per cent could be replaced by automation, respectively, but higher than Japan (21 per cent). Sectors most at risk include transport, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, but those with an element of important human interaction such as health and social work are less likely to be replaced.

Robots cook and serve food at Chinese restaurant


A restaurant in China”s northern Heilongjiang province has 20 robots working for it, as waiters, cooks and busboys. According to the South China Morning Post, the mechanical staff at Robot Restaurant in Harbin can work continuously for five hours after charging for two hours and can also display more than 10 expressions on their faces. When a diner walks in, an usher robot extends their mechanic arm to the side and says ”Earth person hello. Welcome to the Robot Restaurant.” After diners have ordered, robots in the kitchen set to work cooking their meals. Once the dish is prepared, a robot waiter, which runs along tracks on the floor, carries it from kitchen to table, the Daily Mail reported. A singing robot entertains diners as they eat. The restaurant has gained international fame and continues to grow in popularity since it opened in June last year.

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