Sunday, 24 October 2021

Pakistani man arrested for ‘impregnating teenage daughter’

RAWALPINDI: Pakistani Police arrested a man for allegedly sexually assaulting and impregnating his teenage daughter.

The 16-year-old victim told the police in her statement that she was the eldest of six siblings – three brothers and as many sisters – and her father, Daulat Khan, works as a day labourer at a local brick kiln.

She alleged that her father used to pick up fights with her mother over petty issues and make up excuses to beat her. Fed up with her abusive husband and frequent beating, the woman left her family to live with her brothers.

The victim, a resident of Girja Road in the jurisdiction of Saddar Berooni police station, alleged that her father has been sexually abusing her for the past one year.

“My father used to torture me and threaten me with dire consequences if I spoke to anyone about my ordeal,” the victim told the police. She further alleged that she decided to approach the police when she found out that she was pregnant.

According to the police, medical examination has confirmed that the girl has been sexually abused. The police have arrested the abusive father on sexual abuse charges and registered a case against him under Section 376 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

If convicted, the man could face up to seven-year rigorous imprisonment which may be extended to life imprisonment, and a fine.

The police said the victim has been handed in the custody of Child Protection Bureau after preliminary medical examination. Further investigations are ongoing.

* The victim’s name has been withheld to protect identity

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