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Prince William Says Prince George No Longer Wants To Go To School

Prince George, William

LONDON: On Sept. 7, the 4-year-old arrived for his first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea in Wandsworth, south London. His dad accompanied him, and their adorable photos and videos circulated online. But barely three weeks later, Prince William told a fellow parent that his eldest child no longer wants to go to school. “I just dropped George off and he didn’t want to go,” he said.

The mom of two, Louise Smith, gushed over meeting Prince William, and said, “It was really exciting meeting William. He told me he’d just dropped Prince George off at school and he didn’t want to go. Sounds a bit like mine really.”

According to Entertainment Tonight, the patriarch is the one in charge of taking Prince George to school every morning. His wife, Kate Middleton, rests at home since she’s battling Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a condition that causes extreme morning sickness. The Duchess of Cambridge also experienced a similar thing when she was pregnant with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

While speaking with the same publication earlier this month, Prince William revealed that he and Middleton have not been getting much sleep due to her pregnancy. “Thank you, it’s very good news. There’s not much sleep going on at the moment… I was a bit anxious to start with,” he said.

Meanwhile, even though Middleton missed Prince George’s first day of school, she managed to watch videos of her eldest son on television. An insider told US Weekly, “The first day of a child’s school is always a bittersweet day for a mother. Both Kate and William are extremely proud of George and how well behaved he was as he arrived, but it’s also a little frightening to see him grow up this fast!”

Ben Thomas, the headmaster of Thomas’s Battersea for 18 years, said that they will be treating Prince George the same way they would treat the other students. “There won’t be any special treatment at all. In fact what his parents would like for him… is they have a wonderful, fulfilling and private childhood in a place which is secure,” he said.

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