Sunday, 28 November 2021

Police warn of sex attacks as Uber risks losing license


LONDON: Bad driving, poor knowledge of the roads, a lack of care towards drivers and customers alike.

Uber is used to dealing with criticism – sometimes from the press, sometimes enraged riders on Twitter, sometimes from the army of black cabbies with whom the company is waging war.

It’s not a perfect service, but it is cheap. And convenient. Which is why you still probably have the app on your phone (despite all the black marks above).

In this article Inspector Neil Billany, head of the Metropolitan police’s taxi and private hire unit, warned that Uber is ‘picking and choosing’ what crimes it will report.

He pointed to nine incidents that weren’t immediately reported (including at least six sexual assaults, two public order offences and an assault).

In one of the sex cases, Uber continued to employ the driver –  who went on to commit another even more serious attack.

It isn’t just that taxis are dangerous – Uber drivers are disproportionately involved in crimes, the Met suggested, pointed to them being involved in 79 of 128 minicab driving offences investigated by police over four weeks in June and July.

It’s worrying news, and might make you feel less safe in the next Uber you book.

But this is just the crest of the wave in terms of what’s to come. Because the timing is just too perfect to be coincidental.

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