Saturday, 27 November 2021

Police review UK security after Berlin lorry attack


LONDON: Scotland Yard says it is reviewing its security plans for public events after a lorry attack in Berlin killed 12 people. The Metropolitan Police said it already had “detailed plans” in place for the festive period but was reviewing them “as a precaution”. The move follows the Berlin attack and the killing of the Russian ambassador in Ankara, Turkey. Greater Manchester Police also said it would step up patrols. The UK threat level has not been raised by security services following the attacks, but stands at “severe”, meaning an attack is believed to be highly likely. A statement from Scotland Yard said it was considering a range of possible threats, including the use of large vehicles. “As a matter of routine, as a precaution, we review our plans after attacks overseas, and we are doing so at present following the awful incidents in Berlin and Ankara last night,” the statement said.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said he was working with police to review plans and reassure people coming into the capital. “Keeping everyone safe remains the highest priority for the Met commissioner and for me,” he said. He said that his thoughts and prayers were with the injured, the families and friends of those who were killed in the Berlin attack and all the emergency responders. “We don’t yet have the full details, but this appears to have been a horrific and cowardly act of terror. “All Londoners stand in solidarity with the people of Berlin today – this was an attack on our shared values, freedoms and way of life,” he added.

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