Tuesday, 28 June 2022

PM May condemns sickening terror attack on Muslims


LONDON: Prime Minister Theresa May has described the Finsbury Park attack on Muslim worshippers that injured 10 people, two of them seriously, as a “sickening” terrorist attack.

A man driving a rented van swerved into a group of people shortly after midnight on Monday as they left prayers at the Muslim Welfare House and the nearby Finsbury Park Mosque in north London.

The driver, named by UK media as 48-year-old father-of-four Darren Osborne, has been arrested on terrorism offences.

Officers have also raided addresses in his home city of Cardiff in Wales.

Osborne was held at the scene by locals and pinned down until police arrived.

After being seized, he reportedly told victims and bystanders he had wanted to kill “many Muslim people,” one witness told journalists.

He allegedly hurled insults at his Asian neighbour’s 12-year-old sonafter the London Bridge attack earlier this month.


It also reported that the night before the attack, Mr Osborne was allegedly thrown out of local pub Hollybush after “cursing Muslims” durign an immigration row.

His neighbour Khadijah Sherazi told Osborne that her and Mr Osborne had been on good terms, with him having once offered to mend her broken tap.

But she said more recently he’d become abusive, calling her 12-year-old son an “inbred” while playing on his bike.

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