Tuesday, 18 January 2022

People want the new iPhone 11 ad banned

LONDON: It’s 7am and you are warm and cozy in your bed. And suddenly you feel buzzing tremors, which turn into vibrating thunder in the darkness. The piercing sound of the alarm eventually wakes you up from your slumber.

The wretched alarm tone is the most annoying sound ever for some people. The presence of the torturous recurring wake-up jingle in the iPhone’s new advert has made many people angry.

People have been criticizing the ad online, with one Twitter user writing: “Can’t stand that iPhone 11 advert. Why does it have to play the horrible alarm tone? Makes my soul shiver.”

While others said the ad gives them anxiety and heart palpitations.

Psychologist Jason O’Callaghan explained to UNILAD that iPhone owners have conditioned themselves with the alarm tone. “Now that it’s entering our relaxation time, out with the morning routine, it’s causing a negative reaction,” Callaghan said.

While people have been bashing Apple for making them watch the annoying the ad, we doubt the company will remove it.

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