Saturday, 2 July 2022

Paris train station panic as man arrested with knife

paris train station
PARIS: A man holding a knife provoked panic at Gare du Nord station in Paris on Saturday afternoon before being quickly arrested by French police, who played down the seriousness of paris trainthe incident, as false rumours spread online. According to reports the man was reportedly “walking with a knife” but it is not clear whether he was brandishing it in the open. Images posted on Twitter showed armed police pointing guns at the man as they searched him on the ground .Other officers could be seen telling members of the public to move away from the area. The incident was dealt with quickly by French police who were later seen leading the suspect away in handcuffs. “An individual carrying a knife came into the station, was pointed out to a police patrol which immediately arrested him,” one of the sources said. No-one was injured in the incident. One police source told,  the suspect said he carried a knife “because he feared for his life”. The source added that he was never “menacing” and followed police instructions to lie down immediately.” They were eager to calm fears and dismiss rumpurs it was an attempted attack with the source telling BFM TV, it was a “non-story”.

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