Saturday, 29 January 2022

Pakistani Teenager flies back to Italy after forced abortion


ROME: A Pakistani teenager studying in Italy has returned after allegedly undergoing a forced abortion at the hands of her family.

19-year-old Farah had been studying in the city of Verona and became pregnant a few months ago, BBC reported.

In February, she was taken back to Pakistan by her family and later appealed to her friends, asserting that she was forced to terminate the pregnancy.

Pakistani police conducted a rescue for her in Islamabad last week.

For several days, Farah was cared for at the residence of the Italian ambassador in Islamabad until she returned to Italy. She arrived at Malpensa airport in Milan and is to discuss her situation with the Verona police.

In a message published by the Italian media, Farah claims, “They [her family] sedated me, tied me to a bed and forced me to have an abortion”.

Farah’s story has emerged in the wake of the death of another Pakistani woman, amidst claims that the previous crime was an honour killing.

26-year-old Sana Cheema was murdered weeks ago. She wanted to marry a Pakistani-Italian man from Italy against the wishes of her family, according to her friends in Brescia, Italy.

Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano appreciated the collaborative efforts of the Pakistani authorities in the case. He stated: “Farah has finally returned to Italy and is now in a safe place”.

It was reported that her family had shifted to Verona in 2008. Farah met her fiancé during her studies in Verona and became pregnant.

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