Monday, 24 January 2022

Pakistani man’s wedding goes viral in India

NEW DELHI: As India is being hit with a extravagant weddings, simple wedding of a Pakistani photographer has gone viral in India.

Rizwan, a Pakistani photographer organized his wedding in a very simple manner inviting only 25 guests and in a budget of only Rs20,000.

Rizwan said in series of tweets “My guest list had 25 names: friends and parents. The venue was my terrace. The menu was chicken tikka, seekh kabab, pathooray chanay halwa strawberries.”

He went on to say,” I set my maximum budget at Rs. 20,000. A friend lent his cooks, I bought the chicken and masalay from that money and helped prepare it all. Wife cooked khattay alu as a starter. Dad bought fairy lights n put them up on the terrace.”

“What I’m trying to say is. IT’S. OKAY. Sukoon karo. Do whatever you want and whatever you can afford. But HAVE FUN. Be happy. Big or small, all weddings should just be HAPPY.”

Rizwan’s tweets were shared and liked by thousands of users and Twitter India recognised it as one of their ‘moments’

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