Friday, 3 December 2021

Pakistan Navy stops Indian submarine from entering its waters

KARACHI: Sequel to Indian Air Force intrusion into Pakistani air space, India continues to embark upon a series of provocative actions against Pakistan.

Indian Navy has deviously deployed its submarines against Pakistan in line with Indian nefarious designs. However, Pakistan Navy detected and blocked Indian Navy Submarine from entering into Pakistani waters, a naval spokesperson said.

“The Submarine was detected and localized in Pakistan’s maritime zone on 04 March 19. The submarine could have been easily engaged and destroyed had it not been Pakistan’s policy to exercise restraint in the face of Indian aggression and to give peace a chance to prevail. However, the submarine is being kept under watch alongwith monitoring of other Indian Navy units. The detected submarine is one of the latest submarines of Indian Navy.”

The navy also released what it said was video of the submarine, with the grainy black and white footage showing only what appeared to be a periscope above water. The timestamp on the video clip shows it began at 8.35 pm.

It is the second incident of the sort that Pakistan Navy detected an Indian Submarine in Pakistani waters. Previously on 14 Nov 16, Pakistan Navy caught Indian Navy Submarine operating in Pakistani EEZ.

The incident vividly reflects high vigilance and competence of Pakistan Navy. It also reflects the commitment and resolve of Pakistan Navy to defend geographical frontiers of the Motherland in sync with Pakistan Army and Air Force.

The development came days after a rare aerial dogfight between India and Pakistan over the disputed territory of Kashmir ignited fears of an all-out conflict, with world powers rushing to urge restraint.

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