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Noor clarifies rumours doing rounds about her fifth marriage

BOLLYWOOD: Noor Bukhari left the entertainment industry to concentrate on her religious duties. She bid farewell showbiz about 10 months ago. This decision came after her divorce with Wali Hamid Ali Khan, son of the famous classical singer Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, was announced.


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Noor chose to vow that she would not be marrying again and neither would she be coming on screen until and unless it is a show related to religious purposes.

However, known to be part of news no matter what, Noor was back in the limelight lately due to rumours of her getting married to government official Khawar Maneka. Khawar was earlier married to Bushra Maneka but their union lasted till 2017 when they divorced and Bushra went on to marry PTI Chairman, Imran Khan.

Noor was shocked to hear the news. She considers Bushra her mentor and credits her for the religious change that is brought to her life. They were seen last month together performing Umrah where Imran Khan and Noor’s ex husband were present as well.

Noor has reacted to the rumours.

“I am surprised by the interest that everyone is showing in my marriage – that too with a man who is my father’s age. How can I marry a man that is old enough to be my father?”

“Nowadays, whenever I attend any public event or family gathering, people keep associating me with Khawar and wish me luck for my marriage to him. I don’t understand why they don’t realise that the man is a lot older than I am and I cannot be with such a man.”

“I want to clarify that I have no plans of getting married yet. In the past, whenever I tied the knot, I told the media and the public. I never had to hide it from anyone even though people in the showbiz industry tend to conceal such matters.”

“If anyone is interested in my marriage or my well-being, please associate my name with someone who is young and suitable instead of Khawar.”



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