Sunday, 26 June 2022

No future until corrupt leaders are held accountable: Imran Khan


ABBOTTABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that he will not sit silently until and unless Nawaz Sharif is sent to jail. He said that until and unless corrupt rulers are held accountable and sent to jails, country could not move forward and there is no future of the people.

He said that after coming into power Nawaz government paid Rs 480 in form of circular to IPPs in 2013. In Senate Finance Committee report it has been revealed that Rs 62 billion was embezzled and there is doubt on Rs 120 billion. He said that annual development budget of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is Rs 110 billion only. He said that Mayfair flats of London worth billion of rupees which appeared in panama are nothing but many things will appear in Joint Investigation Team (JIT).

He said that Nawaz has stated that if he will go against corruption then development could not become possible. He said that Nawaz is the king of corruption, chief of corrupt, godfather of corruption and biggest dacoit of the country, adding that how he could stop corruption.

He said that due to corruption the people in Pakistan are illiterate, unemployed and due to corruption investments are not coming to Pakistan.

He said that the root cause of every problem is corruption. He said that the prime minister of the country has been caught red handed in Panama. He said that everybody knows prime minister shifted money abroad after committing theft. He said that money laundering was proved in Panama revelations.

He said that PTI struggled against the prime minister on the roads and brought him in the Supreme Court (SC). He said that when SC searched Nawaz the Qatari letter was recovered from him. He said that when SC asked from where he has got money to purchase the flats of billions of rupees, Nawaz said that the Qatari has given this money. He said that the children of Nawaz became billionaire and he has paid billions of rupees debt in London adding that when asked he said that the money has been given by Qatari.

He said that it was revealed in the US State Department report that every year in Pakistan $10 billion are sent abroad through money laundering. He said that one thousand billion rupees are sent abroad every year from Pakistan after committing theft. He said that this money is laundered by the rulers. He said that masses pay tax of Rs 40 on every hundred rupees which is paid for the purchase of diesel. He said that International Monetary Fund (IMF) is asking government to impose Rs 40 billion tax on the people.

He said that who will stop the money laundering of Rs 1000 billion, adding that whether Ishaq Dar will stop this who has given written statement in the court of magistrate that he committed money laundering for Nawaz. He said that the second person is President National Bank Saeed Ahmed who was given the post for carrying out money laundering for Nawaz. He said that whether Nawaz will stop money laundering.

Imran said that he has not kept any money abroad and has brought all his money in Pakistan, adding that he earned money abroad 18 years and brought whole money to Pakistan. He said that the money laundering will stop the person who has brought his money from abroad in Pakistan.

He said that calling Fazlur Rehman as Maulana is the insult of Maulana. He said that Maulana said in 2013 Jews asked him to vote for Imran khan and offered money for this purpose but he did not cast vote for Imran. He said that Jews would have misunderstanding as they should have offered the permits of diesel to Maulana Fazlur Rehman instead of offering money.

Imran said that we will stop corruption and will apprehend big fishes, the corruption will automatically eradicate from the country.

He said that one son of Nawaz used to live in London in a house worth Rs 6.5 billion. He said that this is not money of Hassan Nawaz but Nawaz Sharif sent this money though money laundering abroad after committing theft. Imran said that he played cricket for 14 years in Britain and only purchased a flat worth 10 million rupees.

He said that Maryam Nawaz said she has nothing and used to live with her father. He said that the government protects the reputation of army in any country, adding that in Dawn Leaks, news is leaked from the prime minister office which speaks the language of Narendera Modi about army. He said that the harm caused to the reputation of army is in front of the whole nation. Imran said that he is unable to understand why Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) workers celebrated on this issue.

He said that the country is not facing threat from abroad but from within the country. He said that the people like Nawaz Sharif shift money abroad after committing corruption and protect corrupt people and are also ready to defame country’s own army just to save their money and power.

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