Sunday, 16 January 2022

New Zealanders stranded in India

AFP Photo

New Zealanders are desperate to leave as Covid-19 infections soar, but have not been able to because of a lack of commercial flights.

New Zealand’s cricketers are today flying back home on two private jets, paid for by the Indian Cricket Board.

Multicultural New Zealand, an umbrella organisation of ethnic communities, said the government now needed to act on repatriation flights. Covid-19 was the enemy and the threat to human life was very real, said president Pancha Narayanan.

“It’s like a war zone, and traditionally New Zealand has always repatriated its citizens from war zones, and I think that that kind of urgency needs to be exercised in getting New Zealanders back from the Indian subcontinent.

“That’s been an incursion, it’s a viral one – notwithstanding that, they’re in serious danger and it’s our duty as a nation, and our duty to citizens to bring them back.”

The government has so far declined to lay on repatriation flights and that position may need to be tested legally, said Narayanan.

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