Saturday, 25 June 2022

Naveed Mubashar recognised by Manchester police for saving stabbing victim

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MANCHESTER: A taxi driver of Pakistani origin, Naveed Mubashar became a real life hero when he helped an under-attack passenger in his vehicle and took him to safety. Greater Manchester Police awarded commendation award to him for his act of responsibility. Naveed Mubashar, who drives a taxi in Manchester, picked two passengers from Blackley at night.

When he stopped at the destination, one passenger got out while the other remained inside to pay the fare. At the same time a car stopped at some distance and five men came out, the passenger outside noticed this afar and ran to save his life.

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One of the five men came toward Naveed’s car and stabbed the passenger inside almost eight times. Following which, Naveed went to a nearest hospital with the injured man and helped police with the investigation.

Not only that, Naveed waited with the patient and even gave up his vehicle for forensic tests. Naveed while speaking to Geo News said that he is proud of his act which helped save someone’s life and thinks that it is a step towards building mutual trust and cooperation among different sections of society.

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