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Nadine returns with dance track go to work


LOSANGELES: Nadine Coyle has made her return to pop with a new relationship-inspired single called ‘Go To Work’. Nadine Coyle has dropped her feisty new comeback single ‘Go To Work’.

The former Girls Aloud star released the dance track, which she worked on with her old group’s songwriter Brian Higgins, on Friday (08.09.17) and has revealed the meaning behind the track is all about kicking your partner into shape.

She explained: ‘’When you’re constantly writing you write a lot about relationships and so it was like ‘what else annoys you about being in relationships?’ and they came up with this idea of writing about them being lazy and not getting up in the mornings.’’ Nadine says it was important that the song – her first music since 2010 debut solo album ‘Insatiable’ – didn’t sound anything like Girls Aloud as she wanted a brand new start. She said: ‘’We weren’t trying to make it sound like Girls Aloud, we weren’t trying to make it sound the opposite, it was just a blank canvas. It’s exciting.’’

Nadine Coyle
The 32-year-old Irish beauty – who has three-year-old daughter Anaíya with her partner Jason Bell – believes her new single is different from the usual lovey-dovey or heartbreak tracks people pen. She said recently: ‘’The first single is basically was written because there’s so many love songs like either I love you so much or you broke my heart or this was none of those things whatsoever, this was what else is a thing that people do to get on your nerves.

‘’They don’t get up out of bed, they don’t want to get up, they don’t want to do anything for you, they just want to sit there and do nothing, – so this is a song about that being annoying.

‘’Why don’t you go to work, why don’t you just do it, what is wrong with you, go do it, I’m sick of looking at you and dealing with you – that’s what its about.’’

And Nadine says she’s thrilled to be back making music and can’t thank her fans and support network enough.

She recently explained: ‘’I feel excited because it’s one of those really odd things where it’s so out there, like oh my god, you shoot a video, you do photo shoots, you do all these things, it’s such an exciting job. I’m really really happy to be back and I’m really happy to be here and I’m really happy to have all the people here and have these opportunities.’’

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