Tuesday, 26 October 2021

MP Keith Vaz faces Suspension over Drugs and Sex scandal



Leicester East MP Keith Vaz is set to receive a six-month suspension after a lengthy parliamentary standards investigation.

The suspension could be the longest of any MP in history.

It comes after Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen made a complaint against Mr Vaz in 2016 following a newspaper “sting“.

He had invited two male escorts to his flat on August 27, 2016. Mr Vaz had allegedly paid the two men for sex while he offered to buy cocaine for a third.

One of the escorts asked his name and the MP replied “Jim”. He also claimed to be a washing man repairman.

However, the lies were unnecessary as they knew who he was and one of them was secretly recording the meeting.

The encounter was later published which led to him making a public apology to his family and quitting as chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Committee.

His wife Maria Fernandes revealed that he begged her for forgiveness.

The Parliamentary Standards Committee said its aim “has been to establish whether the rules of the House have been complied with, not to investigate Mr Vaz’s private life or pass judgement on issues of sexual morality”.

In the report, Mr Vaz claimed that the encounter with the two men was not to engage in paid-for sex but to “discuss the interior decoration of his flat”.


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