Friday, 3 December 2021

Mozilla Launches Firefox Send, Its Very Own File Transfer Service

LONDON: It is clear that Mozilla is moving towards a better and secure future with the upgrades and features it is incorporating into Firefox.

After the announcement of letterboxing as a part of the tor uplift project, Mozilla has now introduced a private file sharing feature called Firefox Send.

The service is ideal for quick and efficient file sharing as compared to emails, which have a maximum file limit of 25 MB.

The users can make a free account with a maximum limit of 2.5 GB, with a one-time upload limit of 1 GB. Although it isn’t as much as most of the clouds offer but it is still more than what email file sharing has to offer.

The best part of Firefox Send is the control that is given to the users. The users can control the number of downloads that the link offers; the maximum number of downloads it offers is 100 after which the link expires.

The user can also select the time frame for which the link stays active, after that the link expires.

In comparison to clouds, it provides better user control and feasibility. As, if you want to revoke a person’s access to the link you provided via a cloud, you will have to manually delete the files from the cloud.

To enhance the security feature even further, the service lets the user put a password on the link which can be then shared via URL with others.

Like everything with Mozilla, the service is free for all and is available at

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