Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Moors Murderer Ian Brady’s body was disposed of in the appropriate way


LONDON: The family of a Moors Murders victim is in shock after parts of her body were discovered in a university.

Relatives if Pauline Reade will now have to go through the agony of a second funeral after the grim discovery was made at Leeds University.

Parts of her remains had been kept by police for 30 years without her family’s knowledge and stored at the university.

Pauline was just 16 when she was murdered by notorious killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Her body was discovered 24 years later in 1987 following a search of Saddleworth Moors.

Pauline’s family believed they had finally laid her to rest after a funeral at Gorton cemetery. But following the death of Ian Brady in May this year an audit was carried out and some of her remains were discovered at Leeds University where they had been kept on behalf of Greater Manchester Police.It is understood the body parts held include her jaw bone and hair samples.


Her family now face having to stage a second funeral.

Jackie Reade, Pauline’s niece was told about the body parts in a call from Greater Manchester Police.

Pauline disappeared before Jackie was born but she was 13 when her body was found and remembers her family’s pain. Each week Jackie went with Pauline’s mum Joan to lay a single rose on her grave.

This week GMP delivered a wooden casket holding Pauline’s remains to Jackie’s solicitors.

Jackie, 44, said: “I am devastated. It has brought it all back. I am disgusted that part of Pauline could be kept like this.

“I was 13 when Pauline was found. I remember the day very clearly. My nana and grandad, (Pauline’s parents) Joan and Amos, were still alive at the time.

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