Sunday, 5 December 2021

Mogadishu Attack

Somalia bombing-1

The present times reveal that we are living in the Age of Anger. Everywhere in the world, there are angry people.
One commonality in all these people is their resort to terrorism. Only a day before, Somalia’s Capital, Mogadishu witnessed the worst attack against its residents.
The death toll is above 300 and is rising. Many are still missing. More than 300 have injured as a result of the attack.

While no one has accepted the responsibility for the heinous crime against the innocent people, suspicion is that Al-Shabab – a group pledging allegiance to Al-Qaeda –  is behind the attack.
Given that the organization has a history of indiscriminate attacks in the capital, one cannot rule out the involvement of the organization.
Also, the group generally avoids the accepting the attacks, which it thinks, may damage its image among ordinary people.

It is important to mention that Somalia is fighting its own fight against those who are not content with the scheme of things there since 2006 when the terrorist organisation’s foundations were laid down.
It is true that the organisation’s grip on capital is almost negligible; Al-Shahaab has repeatedly targeted civilians in small towns.
Somali forces have also become victims of their attacks.

While the US is aiding the Somali government in curtailing the menace of terror unleashed by the outfit, the drone campaign is not generating effective results.
This latest and probably the deadliest attack in the recent history of the country suggest that the democratic process that has taken roots is unable to satisfy the militant group.

They definitely have a different ideology. Although in recent times the power of Al-Shabaab has shrunk considerably, the attack suggests two things.
Either the government is losing its grip on law and order situation or the organization is keen on such desperate and violent attacks to feel its presence in the country.

Prayers and strength to the victims’ families and solidarity with Somali people in their fight against terrorism is what we all must extend.

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