Sunday, 28 November 2021

Mikaal’s ex-wife not tight-lipped on divorce anymore

Mikaal WIFE

LAHORE: Sara Bhatti opened up about her past relationship experience and how she manages her work and children on social media. She posted a message on Facebook advising mothers to  encourage sons be better fathers . In a somewhat long status on Facebook, Mikaal Zulfiqar’s ex-wife told that she was getting two kinds of messages on Facebook after her divorce; first kind was how she got over her divorce and second was how she manages her children and work. She choose to respond to the second question.

She said, “Be it a working mother or a stay-at-home mother, she is fully responsible for the household and kids. It does not matter if your husband is white, brown, green, yellow or one of his parents is white, brown green or yellow. That is just the way it is.”

“If we re working, we take our kids to work. We pick them up from school, drive them to extracurriculars and then come home, cook and take care of the house. Has my life changed after the divorce? Nope. I m still responsible for the house and kids. The responsibility of a husband has been alleviated, which means I had more responsibilities when I was married,” she stated. She mentioned, “Yes, I fully, 100% support my children financially, emotionally and physically, but it was still harder before.” She advised people to appreciate women of the society. She also suggested mothers to teach their children to be a better father. She stated, “It is not just single mothers who have a tough time, married women are working just as hard, maybe harder sometimes.” Her ex-husband and TV actor Mikaal Zulfiqar had earlier opened up about end of his six-year-old marriage, in a social media post.

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