Saturday, 29 January 2022

Mercedes cars may be spying on you


Mercedes has come under fire over privacy issues after it admitted to installing secret trackers in its cars to obtain their location.

All cars sold by Mercedes-Benz dealers have been fitted with tracking devices to identify the car’s exact location. Although Mercedes Benz has stated that it does not use this feature actively, it remains silent on how long they have been using these sensors, as published by The Sun.

The company sold more than 170,000 new cars to Britain this year and under EU data protection laws, tracking a vehicle without the driver’s knowledge is illegal. This has escalated the issue, attracting criticism from legal experts and human rights groups like ‘Liberty’, labelling this act as the “creeping growth of surveillance”.

Mercedes customers are also alarmed by this news, worrying what other information the company may have shared after it admitted to sharing this data with third party bailiffs and recovery firms who repossess cars, reports The Sun.

Meanwhile, the company has defended its actions, saying, ‘location services’ was a feature that was agreed to by the customer, when signing the contract upon purchasing the car. They added that: “This clause in the finance contract is in bold print, just above the customer’s signature.”

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