Monday, 29 November 2021


LONDON: Mercedes-Benz is launching its Croove car sharing platform in early December in Munich. The car sharing will be done through mobile app Croove. The platform brings together private lessors and lessees of Mercedes-Benz and other vehicles. Buying a car is not an easy job and after that it becomes a responsibility to take care of it and to keep it up to date so that it stays in its original state. However according to researches, many newly bought expensive cars remain parked in the garages of their owners or are not used a lot. This is the reason that Mercedes has bring about a great idea to earn money from your unused cars. The unused cars can be rented to other people which can be great source of income and can help you in taking care of your car in other ways. This is the reason that Mercedes-Benz have introduced the new application Croove that will ensure P2P sharing and will be starting in Germany this month.

The Croove cars that will be used in the program will all be privately owned. The cars that will be included in the service will be handled by Allianz at the backend which is a German financial company. The users who will be loaners and owners both will use the app that is available on iOS and Android both. The service is pretty much like that of Turro rather than that of Maven which is a General Motors service. The best thing about the app is that you will get to have pretty latest cars to loan. The cars that will be registered on Croove won’t be more than 15 years old. The company Allianz will offer a supplementary insurance over the use of app and over the course of lease too. The loaners who would like to get a car will have to be 21 years or above and will be require to fill a profile with authentic information that will be checked. They will have to add drop off and drop on points at the system too.

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