Sunday, 24 October 2021

Megan McKenna drawn to ‘deep, depressing’ country

LOS ANGELES: Megan McKenna loves writing ‘’deep, depressing ballads’’. The former ‘Only Way is Essex’ star made a successful move into country music after quitting the reality show in 2017 and she prefers the genre to any other because the songs seem more meaningful. She said: ‘’Country music is deeper than other genres – I love to write a deep, depressing ballad.’’

The 26-year-old beauty admitted it has always been her ambition to be a singer and she loves writing songs. She told heat magazine: ‘’Writing my own music and singing it is everything I ever wanted. ‘’People think I’ve just been on reality TV for the last few years but I’ve actually been working on my music behind closed doors.

‘’It’s hard [to write songs] but I’ve always written things in my diary and my album is so personal that I’m just reliving my experiences and telling my story.’’ Megan’s music has drawn an older fan base to her.

She said: ‘’I have more older fans [now] than when I was on reality TV – a lot of 50-somethings. ‘’I get people at my gigs coming up to tell me how I’ve helped them through difficult times when they listen to my music.

‘’Because you do listen to songs and compare your life to that, don’t you?

‘’It’s lovely that I can do that for people now.’’ And the former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate thinks her music shows she’s grown up since her reality TV roots.

She said: ‘’People see this ‘Megan from TV’ but listening to my music shows a different me because it’s all coming from my heart.

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