Saturday, 27 November 2021

Marnie Simpson has Snapchat ads banned for breaking rules

Marnie Simpson 2

LONDON: Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson has had two Snapchat posts banned for failing to clearly indicate they were ads.

The posts were removed after Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received complaints from people challenging whether they were obviously identifiable as endorsements.Snapchat ads Marnie Simpson

The posts, both on June 20, showed Ms Simpson holding a Diamond Whites tooth polish product close to her face with the text “50% off everything from Diamond Whites”.

In another she was wearing grey contact lenses as part of a promotion for coloured cosmetic lenses firm I Spy Eyes, again without labelling it as an advert.

Diamond Whites argued that, as Ms Simpson had been the face of their brand for nearly two years, her followers were likely to be aware of the relationship. Promotional posts should include “#ad”, and a company spokesperson said they would “look to put those in place in the future”.

Marnie Simpson

Unleashed PR, trading as I Spy Eyes, denied the post mislead fans as the coloured lenses Ms Simpson were wearing were not available to buy, and because she did not mention the website.

A spokesperson said Ms Simpson had posted the snap “in excitement that she had a new colour lens coming out”.

Ms Simpson is not the first celebrity to get into trouble for blurring the line between paid content and personal posts, but this is the first case involving Snapchat.


Advertising guidelines say that a post becomes an ad when the brand has control over the content of the post and rewards the “influencer” with a payment, free gift or other perk.

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