Thursday, 28 October 2021

Mansha Pasha’s three quarantine revelations

KARACHI: Pakistani actress Mansha Pasha is quite active on social media amid the coronavirus lockdown.

She shared her three ‘quarantine revelations’ on recently.

The first one is that self-quarantine has left her wondering “if after all this is finally over we will feel that ‘real’ life is too fast, too noisy, too much and will wanna stay at home more.”

“Quarantine revelation 2: Wonder how long it will be until we can officially never ask this again: “So how is quarantine going?” she tweeted.

actor also discovered during this time what kind of relationship she shares with her pet.


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“Quarantine revelation 3: My cat has me in an abusive relationship. She rejects food I make for her. She will run from me when I give her love. But every now and then she will lick my hand or sit on my lap and have me believe this is a meaningful relationship.”

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