Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Man slashes passerby in Glasgow street then slits own throat

GLASGOW: A man has died after stabbing at least one person in the middle of Glasgow city centre before cutting his own throat. Witnesses said the man appeared to attack random passersby in the city’s St Vincent Street before turning the weapon on himself on nearby West Nile Street. One witness told he saw the incident from an office window. He said: “We saw this man just randomly running at people with what looked like a Stanley knife. “One man started trying to defend himself with an umbrella and it looked like he tried to grab the blade from the knifeman, but he ended up getting his hand slashed.” The witness described how he watched the attacker’s victim run in to a nearby burger restaurant to try to escape, before the man began to cut his own throat. He said: “He started to chase the man inside the burger shop, but then he stopped, stared in through the window and just started cutting himself. Several police units attended Glasgow’s West Nile Street. Police Scotland confirmed they were called to the scene, near St Vincent Street, shortly after 4pm on Thursday. A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Around 1605 hours this afternoon an assault took place in St Vincent Street, Glasgow. “The suspect made his way on foot towards West Nile St where he then inflicted serious injuries upon himself. “Officers attended and the incident was very quickly contained.

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