Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Man jailed for life for murder of young soldier in Brecon

LONDON: A man who previously boasted he was “the hardest man in town” has been jailed for life for murdering a soldier on an off-duty night out in Brecon. A court heard 23-year-old Jake Vallely was “out looking for trouble”, when he came across Private Matthew Boyd. Pte Boyd, who was was serving with the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, was in the town for training and was on his way back to base, when he was found unconscious by police. Judge Mr Justice Clive Lewis said Mr Vallely must serve a minimum of sixteen years, and told him, “this was a sustained, savage and senseless attack.” He said, “You were aggressive and confrontational to Matthew Boyd as you had been to others that night. “Matthew Boyd attempted to get away and walk off, then you followed him and then ran after him and chased him down the street. “When you did catch up with him, a struggle ensued and the last 47 seconds of that struggle were caught on CCTV.

“During those 47 seconds you can be seen punching Matthew Boyd repeatedly. You hit him at least twice. “Then when he was on the ground you punched him repeatedly, time and time again until he wasn’t conscious. It was a sustained and savage attack. “You then dragged his motionless body into the street and left him to die. “You showed no remorse for your actions then, and you have in my judgement, shown no remorse for your actions since.” Pte Boyd was originally from Northern Ireland, but had moved to Gibraltar. Just four days earlier, he had started a training exercise at the infantry battle school in Brecon which is regularly used by the SAS. In a statement, his family paid tribute, describing him as “full of life, loving, caring and loyal.” A second man, 23-year-old Aaron Evans, was cleared of manslaughter in connection with Pte Boyd’s death.

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