Saturday, 27 November 2021

Man Jailed for hacking celebrities accounts

THE man who hacked online accounts of several celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence has been jailed for nine months. Twenty nine years old Edward Majerczyk stole private information, including nude videos and photos of dozens of famous people. He tricked victims by using phishing scheme (fraudulent email messages appearing to come from legitimate enterprises, e.g., your university, your Internet service provider, your bank) through which he got their usernames and password. The accused ordered an unnamed celebrity to pay £4,900 after their photos were later shared online. Edward Majerczyk has been sentenced nine months in jail and ordered to pay $5,700 in restitution fees. Last year Edward Majerczyk pleaded guilty when he tried to access a protected computer to obtain information. Earlier in 2014 private pictures of celebrities including Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and model Kate Upton were shared online and on other various websites. Thomas Needham, the lawyer of Majerczyk’s said in a sentenced memo that, at the time of the offence, his client was “suffering from depression”. It read: “He looked to pornography websites and internet chat rooms in an attempt to fill some of the voids and disappointment he was feeling in his life.” ” Majerczyk had consistently expressed remorse” for the hacking and that the material was for his “personal use”, he added.

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