Shetland man

SHETLAND: A Controlling husband who hosed his wife with cold water and forced her to keep a ‘mistake book’ during a 30-year reign of terror has been jailed for 32 months.

Robert Simmons, 62, drew up timetables of tasks for wife Karen, divided into 15-minutes slots, and punished her if she failed to follow them.

The father-of-six and churchgoer created an ‘almost cult-like’ atmosphere, in which his wife was forced to carry notebooks, including a ‘mistake book’, where she was forced to maintain a record of all the times she failed to please Simmons, the court heard.

A prosecutor said it was ‘one of the very worst cases of domestic abuse’ he had ever encountered.

One method of punishment involved hosing his wife with cold water. In another instance Simmons made her lie on the floor and stood on her head, giving her two black eyes.

Simmons, of Sandness, Shetland, admitted 11 charges dating back to 1988. He told Lerwick sheriff court: ‘I did wrong. I don’t think she deserved to be treated the way I treated her.’

Sheriff Philip Mann told him that if it had not been for his early plea he would have jailed him for four years.