Friday, 3 December 2021

Man convicted of murder after hacking colleague to death and burying him in nearby cemetery

A furniture worker who hacked a father-of-seven to death with an axe, before trying to cover up his crime by painting over blood stains, is facing life in jail after being convicted of murder.

Imran Muhammed, a 31-year-old Pakistani national who had overstayed his visa in the UK, is believed to have dealt his colleague Seyed Khan, 49, at least 12 blows. The Old Bailey in London heard he struck him from behind in the inner office area of A to Z Furniture and Carpets in Ilford, east London.

The mutilated body was then wheeled in a trolley from a nearby supermarket to the cemetery about a mile away, where he was buried in the undergrowth on January 24.

While not contesting the killing, Muhammed denied murdering his colleague and said he lost control after his victim had made sexual advances on him.

“The defendant claims that Seyed was trying to blackmail and rape him and that as a result, he snapped, lost his self control and killed Seyed,” Prosecutor Tim Cray said.

In turn, the prosecution asserted the defendant had lied and it was a “planned and deliberate murder.”

In the weeks before the murder, Khan was said to have told his wife a colleague had been caught stealing and had begged for mercy.

Jurors were told that four days before the attack, Muhammed searched the internet for “how to kill a man with a hammer,” with a punch, and “brain injuries.”

Khan’s eldest son Khalil said: “My dad was a kind, loving and caring man who would always put others before himself. His death has had a huge impact on our lives, which have now changed forever. We had such a happy, caring and joyful family. This has now been destroyed forever by an awful, heartless act that none of us deserved.

“We have been left with a void in our lives that can never be filled. We all miss him so much,” he said, the Independent reports.

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