Saturday, 27 November 2021

Mahira Khan didn’t stay silent on hate comment

LONDON: Mahira Khan has a huge fan following on Instagram of 6 million followers as much as she receives love, there are people who throw hate comments.

However, most of the times Khan ignores her haters but recently she gave a befitting reply to a hate comment. Mahira Khan posted a picture of a cup of tea and captioned, “Waisey toh mein husn parast nahi hoon… Lekin chai ke maamlay mein shakal o soorat zaroor dekhti hun.”

On which hater wrote,

“Shame on you bitch. Sharam karo kaise post laga rahy ho. Kuch toh sharam karo. Yeh Islamic country hai and tum kis tarah ki pics laga rahy ho? Besharam.”

Mahira Khan didn’t stay silent and gave a savage response. She replied,

“Hahahahahahahahaha this is a first! Chai ke pe post pe bhi – Besharam!”

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