Monday, 27 June 2022

Lottery Winning Asian Man Jailed for Beating Wife and Child

LONDON: An British Asian man who won the lottery earlier this year has now been jailed for abusing his wife and child. 30-year-old Balvinder Malhotra is to serve 6 months in jail. He is to pay his wife and child £1,000 each for the abuse. Malhotra has been convicted of Actual Bodily Harm (ABH). Malhotra, who lives in Hounslow, West London, committed the attacks in June, shortly after he won the lottery of £70,000. In June, he repeatedly threw blows at 28-year-old Hardeep Kaur. He hit her three times. He then got hold of his 5-year-old son and smacked him in the face. The attacks happened after a heated row during a picnic party the family were having. The Uxbridge Magistrates Court heard that this was not the first time Malhotra had been violent with people within his family. District Judge Debbie Wright warned: “These were significant injuries. This crosses the custody threshold by a mile.”

According to media, the lottery winner had abused alcohol in the past. The court heard he had previously hit his mother drawing blood from her nose. His anger was an issue related to drinking problems. Judge Wright ordered him to pay both victims a sum of £1,000 each. She said: “You’ve clearly got the means to pay. He had a lottery win.” It was revealed in court that he still has £87,000 in his account. Malhotra won the lottery in January 2016. At the time he celebrated with his wife, posing for happy pictures next to her. He had said he was going to use the money to improve life for his family after their corner shop was forced to close. He said after the win: A little of the money was used to buy a new corner shop. Malhotra was also discovered to own a BMW with personal plates. But, after the attack, he has been residing with his parents.



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