Saturday, 27 November 2021

Lightning strikes kill 16 people in Bangladesh


DHAKA – Despite the Bangladeshi government’s bid to curtail deaths due to lightning strikes, dozens continue to die every day due to lack of awareness. The increasing sea surface temperature has also given rise to more lightning in the area, where a study has predicted a whopping 50 percent hike in deadly lightning instances by the end of this century.

At least 16 people, including a woman laborer and four minors, died after being struck by lightning in various districts in Bangladesh in a span of 24 hours. The Netrakona, Faridpur, Manikganj, and Kishoreganj districts were among the most affected areas of the country. 

Deaths due to lightning have become a common incident in the nation over the past decade, peaking between the pre-monsoon months of April-June. In 2016, 80 people died during a single rainy day. 

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